How to lose weight using treadmill (Workout Tips)


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Want to burn those extra fats or want lose weight fast? Well, there are lots of diets and workout machines available that can help you reach your goal of having a perfectly shaped body. Due to the massive selection of exercise machine available, this makes it hard for you to select one.

Worry no more because this article focuses on one exercise machine, which is the treadmill. Here, you will know the reason why a treadmill is the best exercise machine and how can it help you lose weight and stay healthy and even how to use it. First off, let’s start by knowing what exactly a treadmill is.

A treadmill is an electronic fitness machine that simulates running. Often utilized by sportsmen to train for marathons, it is also used to help hospital patients with walking difficulties and those who want to stay healthy and fit. 

Interval training at a high intensity (HIIT)

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a type of exercise that involves alternating sets of high-intensity exercise with periods of rest.

According to a report published in 2017, HIIT activities, according to a reliable source, can help you lose weight and burn calories in a shorter length of time.

The aim is to work especially hard for brief periods of time and then recover in between high-intensity workout spurts. This burns a lot of calories, which might help you lose weight.

In addition, your body tries to recover to a normal resting condition following an HIIT workout.
It accomplishes this by converting body fat into energy.

Here's how to do high-intensity interval training on a treadmill: 

Make sure the treadmill is completely flat. Warm up by walking at 2 mph for 5 minutes.

For 30 seconds, run at 9 to 10 mph.

For 60 seconds, walk at 3 to 4 mph.

Rep 5–10 times more.

To cool down, take a 5-minute walk at 2 mph.

Alternate between jogging and sprinting for a more advanced workout. You can also extend each high-intensity set by a few minutes. Rest intervals should ideally be twice as long as high-intensity intervals.
Also there is a set of 30 min workout on treadmill you'll find in the next few paragraphs.

How can it Help Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

There are many reasons why a treadmill is the number one workout machine. The treadmill is also the most popular training tool at the fitness gym.

Below are the ways this machine can help you lose weight and stay in the shape. 

Burn Lots of Calories through Fighting Workout Boredom

Exercise is very much important, but what will you do if you do not like exercising? What if you don’t have time going to a fitness gym or don’t want to be around with those short-shorts ladies and muscle boys? 

One practical option is having a treadmill

You can put or set up this machine in front of your TV and watch the favorite TV show while exercising. A lot of treadmills come with a book rack. So, you can work out while reading news or your fashion magazine. a study investigated the effects of treadmill training with virtual reality on gait (Study source).

This Machine is Unparalleled for Training Versatility 

A lot of inefficient exercise machines just let you perform one workout. One repetitive motion which the body adapts to quickly, which also means less cal burned. However, this machine provides many training versatilities so the body keeps on struggling to burn many calories.

When you are just starting a workout plan, you could start with a gradual or slow walk and then speed it up once the body gets into your desired shape. When exercising for a marathon, this machine allows you to run at stable speeds and even put up in the sprints.

A lot of treadmills allow users to walk uphill. Some are equipped with hand weights, so users could perform upper body workout too, while using the machine at the same time. There are lots of means that you can vary your exercise with this machine so that you can keep on challenging your body. 

30-Minute Treadmill Workout
Time      Speed/Intensity                        Incline

5 min.     3.5 - 4.5 mph - walk                 1%-2%

1 min.     5.0 - 5.5 - speed walk/jog         2%-3%
2 min.     4.0 - 5.0 - walk/slow jog          0%-1%
1 min.     5.0 - 5.5 - speed walk/jog         2%-3%

Treadmills Help Burn Lots of Calories through Altering Training Frequency 

Research conducted by the University of Stanford shows that people are overpaying for fitness gym facilities. The research concludes that a lot of people misjudge or overrate how frequent they will utilize their membership and many do not go to a fitness gym often enough to rationalize their membership fee. 

Maybe the reason is that a lot of people simply do not have time to visit a gym, but here is where a treadmill can help you really improve your training time as well as frequency. 

Professionals show that 15-minute training can provide the same workout benefits as 30-minute training at a fitness gym. This machine allows users to split their trainings into small or mini training and still burn lots of calories. 

Provides the Benefits of Any time and all year round Exercise

The most significant advantage of having a treadmill is convenience. When you live in a place like the northern part of the world, you know that jogging or walking on the ice and snow isn't fun. 

This machine could be the most appropriate training gadget around as you can utilize it in spite of the weather condition. Aside from that, you can work out in any form of clothing you want to wear. 

With this machine, you can accurately measure your heartbeat and so the amount of calories you are burning. The treadmill is much safer when compared to jogging or running outside. Since this machine provides a rubber surface, you are much less possible to slip and fall over. This machine also provides a kill cord worn around your jogger’s wrist that will stop the machine when you accidentally fall off. 

The main danger related to utilizing this machine is the capability to fall off the back. When utilized properly, this machine offers a remarkable form of exercise that is very healthy for humans. Just ensure the kill-cord is worn or do not set the machine too fast in order to avoid injury. 

How to Use Treadmill

This exercise equipment could be compared to vacuum cleaners. Both get a lot of dust and dirt. Meaning, they need to be cleaned once in a while. Reports have revealed that a lot of motors get destroyed as well as burned up once they are full of dust or the belt has been worn out so much that it has caused an overload on the motor. 


You need to switch the belts sometimes as they have been worn out so much that the edges have curled and are perhaps rubbing on the covers. 

Sometimes, treadmills suddenly switch speeds. Many people have been a victim of this and it’s a very common issue. You might need it at 2 mph and it can suddenly switch to seven or even 10 mph. 

If you experience any of the issues stated above, the best thing to do is to clean the machine. Cleaning your treadmill is an important thing to do for it to work well.

There are different kinds of treadmills such as the industrial machines which are much tougher often seen in most fitness gyms. There are also cheaper treadmill machines that are appropriate for home use. Some will even fold away for easy storage. Get one now and start reaping its benefits! 

The treadmill is a good option to guarantee the training you want to get the desired condition at the desired time .

Convenience is a major factor in terms of exercise. Treadmills have become the best selling home fitness equipment .

After some boring treadmill was chosen :

One . Comfort and safety. Without extreme temperatures , no rain, no wind , snow to ice ,no darkness , traffic or other problems you may encounter while jogging outdoors. But the treadmill eliminates the adventurous spirit that you encounter when running outdoors. However, in the name of safety and comfort best way is to train you in your own home using a treadmill or not , and other fitness equipment .

Two . The best place to work or improve running . Combine the constant roller treadmill with a secure and controlled environment and to get the best workout .

Three . Free time spent watching TV . In order not to get bored while using a treadmill and not feel guilty about wasting your free time you have available is better that it be placed in front of the TV . On the market there and preset programs you can connect to the TV . These programs simulate some marathons and mimic certain running well .

April . A smooth transition from simple walking to running. Treadmill exercise may be the most simple and natural way to transition from simple walking to running. Why? As to how to go faster and faster and see the console down the calories you start to realize that you will burn more calories and if you start to run. Kathy Boyce said : "I was walking on the treadmill for years and never wanted to run and now I realize that running is more beneficial than walking "

May . A series of customized workouts . Treadmills come with advanced training programs with the push of a button, the autopilot operates throughout the workout.

June . Excellent monitoring . Treadmills can make training a lot more scientifically and efficiently . It is particularly useful function that accelerates or slows treadmill response to your heart rate .

July . Simplify training for the marathon . If you train for a marathon with some daunting hills , along the way you can use the inclination of the treadmill surface to simulate a hill climb .

August . The ability to quantify training. Want to know how many calories you burned , your heart rate , distance you've travelled ? Only a treadmill can provide the precise date .


This is How to lose weight Using treadmill

Looking for fitness equipment, one that can help you in losing weight? Then, the one answer that is something you most consider is the treadmill. In fact the treadmill is one such fitness machine that helps in burning calories to the maximum possible levels and is simply unsurpassed for the cardiovascular workout one can achieve running on this magical machine.

Treadmills are in fact fitness equipments that cannot just help you look but even feel great about yourself. The more time you spend on a treadmill the more is the number of calories you can burn automatically and thus the more number of pounds you can bid goodbye to. Running on a treadmill helps in the workout of the larger muscles of the body and thus helps in burning calories more quickly and effectively when compared to other fitness machines.

Running on a treadmill on a regular basis is one of the most successful methods of getting freedom from those extra pounds on your body. Being consistent and working as per the defined fat burning target range for almost 45 minutes every day and having at least 5 to 6 sessions like this per week is a sure shot way to lose weight easily. Although not working unanimously to achieve success in weight loss, combining the right food with the right form of exercise is a necessity.

Checking out with a fitness expert or a trained instructor is often great ways to make sure that you are not harming your body in any way. Making sure that you are comfortable while exercising on a treadmill is necessary for this will help you in burning more calories effectively. Standing or running in just the right posture and in steps that are most apt as per your height and comfort are often some steps one must follow while exercising on a treadmill.

Always keep in mind the treadmill as a fitness equipment is simply unmatched in its workout versatility, which can be used by individuals of any age group easily. The treadmill can aid you in burning more calories by just increasing the time you spend on this wonder machine. A perfect machine or an all-rounder in fitness whatever you call this, running on a treadmill as a regular habit is a sure way to challenge your body and to get easy freedom from those unwanted pounds and inches that causes hindrance in your life on many fronts.

Last but not least

A treadmill is a wonderful technique to burn calories and lose weight as a kind of cardio exercise.

Consult a skilled personal trainer if you're unsure whether treadmill workout is ideal for you. They can work with you to design a treadmill weight loss programme that is unique to you.

Combine treadmill workouts with strength training for the best results. Both types of exercise can aid weight loss and improve general health.

Before beginning a new fitness regimen, consult your doctor if you are new to exercise or haven't worked out in a long time.  

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