Losing weight tips

Losing weight tips

The secret of losing weight is to burn more than you take in. .

It seems easy, but it's easy to forget !

Here are some simple diet tips to keep in mind.

Here is steps can helps you a lot to stop your body get fat 

losing weight tips
losing weight tips

1 . Stop eating four hours before you intend to sleep . For example, if you're going to go to sleep at 22 o'clock , and the completion of the evening meal at 18:00 . This allows for proper digestion .

2 . If you are more of the eater choose the same foods every day . Monotony will soon bore you, and you will find yourself eating less .
3 . Eat slowly ! Count to 30 while chewing every bite .
4 . Drink a large glass of water before each meal . Sometimes when you feel hungry you are actually thirsty .
5 . If you do not know the nutritional information of a specific food or dish , do not eat it !
6 . Crunchy vegetables make great snacks , and crunchiness makes you feel fuller . Try celery and carrots and sticks .
7 . If you feel like you have a snack , try a cup of flavored tea instead. And the number of calories and almost zero but fruity flavors of sweet and filling.
8 . Eat when hungry but not when society dictates meals " must " be taken .
9 . Get plenty of sleep! You may not know, but your metabolism slows down when you do not get enough sleep .
10 . Mixing calories. You want to fool the body so I do not know what is coming next . For example, 1000.800 , 1300.600 , 700 so on .
11 . Finally, this is a very well known , but do not be sucked in by advertising ! Yogurt that " fat-free " you buy may be packed with sugar ! Always check .

Good luck on the good diet your !

NB : MOVED FORM Source from getting these tips lossuweight

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  1. On the 28 day diet what can you drink and can I chew gum

  2. Chewing gum can help digest food faster as long if you follow a healthy diet . Drinking water is always the best choice specially when your aiming on losing weight . On your 28 day you can drink WATER and many other organic fruit juice which should be made at home ! You can choose from which based on your day and of course keep SUGAR as minimum as possible.


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