Cardio exercises to burn fat

Cardio exercises to burn fat

Cardio exercises or as they are called aerobic exercises. It is a training mode to improve heart rate and also to burn fat and maintain fitness and health in general. Cardio exercises requires some bit of effort and make your heart elevated for a long time somewhat, one of the best beneficial exercises to  human beings (Source).

The most important benefits is that it helps to remove fat from your body, and make you look fit and healthy. Also, it is the secret of the bodybuilding, many bodybuilders engage in this type of exercise show better results after a month of cardio. It burns the fat that was covering the muscles and make them appear better.

The cardio does not mean jogging or jumping or swimming, although these are sports that require cardio, So cardio is every exercise that makes your heart palpitations go a rate ranging between 50% to 80%.

Cardio exercises to burn fat
Cardio exercises to burn fat

What is the importance and advantages of cardio in general?

  • Remove the fat from your body, and thus show your muscles (such as the six abdominal muscles Six Pack Abs).
  • It is said that this type of exercise makes you feel happy and improve your mood.
  • It makes you more active in your daily life, such as study, work and others.
  • It has a significant impact on your health in general (for the better of course) and limits some of the risks such as diabetes, heart disease and other illness.
  • The large number of types of cardio exercises, does not make you feel bored of the sport, you have the ability to diversify and choose from.
  • The majority of the exercises do not need equipment or gym membership. It can be performed at in any place you want.

Practicing cardio for 30 minutes five times a week achieves better results than 50 minutes one session a week. Take the car as an example, when you speed up the gasoline will be implemented and lost quickly and the same goes for the body, but the muscle becomes stressful and in need of more energy to get rid of stress. do not waist time killing yourself in a bike intensively rather than separate the exercise to wide range of sessions.

Different types of cardio exercises?

  • Walking.
  • Hard cardio exercises: such as jogging, cycling and swimming.
  • Jogging quickly for a 30 seconds then rest for 15 sec (with redundancy) for ten minutes, for example.
  • Sports teams; Such as football or basketball that require movement constantly and cardio.

The two cardio Types:

The practice of high-effort during a short period of time like 30 seconds, and then following with 30 seconds rest (less effort).
Duration: not recommended that a single session of more than 20 minutes in this way.
Example / fast running speeds of 12 km for 30 seconds and then reduce speed to 5 kilometers for 30 seconds and so on.
This type of exercise is continuous during a period of time without breaks for rest.
Duration: It is recommended that at least 30 minutes continuously.
Example / relatively jogging speeds of 5.5 kilometers for 30 minutes to 40 minutes.

Which is better to burn fat ?

Both contribute significantly and effective in burning fat But HIIT system is the most important achievement of this as it contains too many benefits such as the ability to burn stored fat.

What is the amount of cardio exercises that should be preforming?

If you are happy with the fat in your body and you don't need to decrease it, then we advise you to light cardio exercises such as walking or jogging for couple of minutes a day.

If you need to lose fat in your body, then you need to exercise cardio at least 30 minutes 5 times a week. You can practice many sport, for example, swimming, running, jogging and riding a bike (Duration depends on the proportion of fat in your body and fitness level you have)

When can I start cardio exercise?

First of all, I do not advise you to exercise any type of cardio if the proportion of fat is higher than 35%. Expect it will impact negatively on the joints of your feet and cause you a lot of pain. You can exercise walking beside the light-moderate daily diet to reach your fat percentage to 25%. Now that you're fat ratio is 25% or less, you can then exercise cardio system LISS, and by 20% or less, you can then exercise HIIT system.

What is the appropriate speed for Cardio?
Fat ratio of 25% for example, has a different speed compared to the ratio of about 15% fat. As well as fitness and flexibility play an important role in your speed. So the basic ideal speed should be appropriate for you. Cardio speed is linked to the pulse of 50% to 80% rate according to your goal and the type of cardio being practiced.

What is the right time to exercise cardio?
Best times to exercise cardio is when you wake up from sleep on an empty stomach or before lifting wrights. First we start with cardio when you wake up from sleep on an empty stomach and It is unmatched by anything else in the burning of body fat, yet it also excelled the burning of many of the muscles in your body.

Our advise Goes To :
  1.   Ectomorph owners or Hard gainers.
  2.   People with fat ratio less than 15%.
  3.   People with few muscle mass.
  4.   Beginners to sports.

Do not practice cardio on an empty stomach. Though it needs to be distributed according to your time and circumstances, it is best to take some simple meal of carbohydrates after waking up and then after 30 to 45 minutes you can start racing in cardio (Clear this idea through this research).

If your unlike either of these 4 categories i still do not advise you to do cardio on an empty stomach. unless you wish to sacrifice more muscle loss, so be in the safe zone. Cardio on an empty stomach does not destroy muscle, but eat them with the passage of days. If your going to exercise cardio on an empty stomach then do not exceed a maximum of 10 minutes.

do not exercise cardio at all in the following cases :
  1.   After a meal, wait for an hour at least.
  2.   During leg Exercise day.
  3.   If feeling tired or still recovering from exercise.

Another tip, do not exaggerate in drinking water during your practice of cardio and diversify the exercises to make it  more enjoyable and fun.

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