How to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast

Many women feel powerless to excerise due to the extra weight and muscle inflexibility, 95 percent of those practicing jogging have a desire to lose more weight and the simple reason is that whenever runners increase their speed the more chance of losing weight.
In order to lose weight fast you must followfollow the process a good diet and exercise permanently in order to burn more calories and increase muscle mass and thus reducing body fat percentage, and fortunately it is not as difficult as some believe.

How to lose weight fast
How to lose weight fast

 - Put a future plan for your food:
Put your plan to your diet at the beginning of your day or even a week. Do not eat large food propotions when you feel hungry, then this will help you to resist the urge of eating junk food or pastries during the break period in your business, for example.

- Seperate your mealtimes to five sections:
Eat three healthy meals interspersed with two light meals a day, or eat light snacks every three hours, studies have confirmed that people who ate more than three times a day decreased the body density so as the waist circumference area and their meals contain good amounts of fiber and low in fat, and they also abstain from drinking soft drinks.

 - Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables:
Make sure your diet contains half a meal on vegetables and fruit, and breakfast must contain half the fruits propotion, and half of the lunch and dinner components is vegetables.

 - Stay away from temptations:
Stay away from temptations; Foods which contains large amount of trans-fat and follow your diet process.

 - Stay away from the sauce:

Beware of hidden calories in the commercial sauces, use natural tomato sauce instead of ketchup to put it in pasta, use chickpeas powder in sandwiches instead of mayonnaise and prepare your spices with olive oil and vinegar.

 - Avoid eating large amounts of peanut butter:
People adore peanut butter and almonds because they provide them with protein and healthy fats and fiber, but it is important to know that the daily amount of which not to exceed which is two teaspoons, any increase can lead to the introduction of excess calories in the body.

- Eat a lot of fiber foods:
There is a significant correlation between fiber and weight loss, fibers are passed through the digestive system without being digested so the body must work harder and longer to push it out of the body and this will activate the metabolism and give you a feeling of fullness for a long time, so make sure to eat 25 grams of fiber per day, Fiber is found in legumes and whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

 - Do not eat without feeling hungry:
You must make sure if you're really hungry before having lunch or dinner.

 - Watch for the amount of calories:
Monitor your weekly amount of calories, even for once to see what the problem may have been and how you can improve your diet more to get better results.

 - Follow the exercise schedule :
Diligent practice of daily exercise will make you lose weight lot faster and gives you energy through the day

- Reasons which prevent weight loss:

Not sleeping enough leads to the body looking for another way to create energy, which is eating more food, make sure you can sleep at least seven to nine hours.

Lack of exercise with a balanced diet, unfortunately diet is not enough to lose weight fast rather than exercising while on a diet.

Weight loss anxiety can lead exhaustion , a situation similar to the case of lack of sleep, avoid thinking of weight loss and get busy with exercise and dieting.

Despair and loss of hope quickly can change your attitude negatively so you must stay patient because the body needs time to get used to the new diet. Extreme hunger makes the body stores fat, which leads to the slow process of losing weight.

Keeping your new weight balanced:

Preserving a balanced weight is more important than acquisition, to maintain the new weight and prevent weight gain once again, Section your food at 3 or 4 snacks a day, and eat only when you feel hungry, keep on your diet and stay away from the legume as much as possible, and reduced the sugar in juices and even get used to it, and always watch your weight without causing your self anxiety.

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