5 Effective Sports to lose weight

5 Effective Sports to lose weight

Losing weight and achieving ideal body shape is probably the dream of most individuals. Regardless of age and gender, individuals always dream of a strong and well-shaped physique. This fitness venture is never that easy and this seriously requires consistency and hard work. Good thing is that there are now sports for weight loss available to help you get rid of those excessive and unwanted pounds.

Sports have become people’s trusted allies in terms of fighting added pounds. There are actually numerous sports you can practice but not all are geared towards helping you lose weight effectively.


This sport is proven to be a wonderful form of workout or exercise. Swimmers use their every muscle in their body to propel them in water including their face, neck and toe muscles. This sport develops fortitude and muscle strength and improves flexibility and posture. Swimming is an excellent sport for individuals of all expertise levels and ages. To shred pounds, you need to speed your pace up a bit and increase length of your exclusive swimming sessions. Depending on exertion level and your weight, you can burn about 90 to 550 calories in just half-hour swimming session. It is for this reason that swimming is on the top list of best sports for weight loss nowadays.


Another effective sport for weight loss is cycling. This sports help in weight loss as this burn unwanted calories, improve health and help individuals get in the right shape. Also, depending on exertion level and person’s weight, cycling can help individuals burn about 75 to 670 more calories in just half an hour session. Cycling is therefore one of the best options when looking for an effective sport for weight loss.

3.Running (jogging)

Running is one of the most effective and healthiest sports that you can try. One hour of running outdoor helps individuals run about 600 to 800 calories but this still depends on the speed of their run and their physical condition. When running on earlier sessions to lose weight, it would be best not to force the body. As you obtain more strength over time, you can consider increasing your speed and running distance.


Surfing is also a popular sport for weight loss. This sport is ideal for complete body workout with main focus on core strengthening. Surfing also works your legs, arms and your abs. For a person weighing about 150 lbs. Surfing can actually help him burn about 250 calories for just an hour. Apart from strengthening your muscles, conditioning your entire body as well as cardiovascular strengthening, surfing on regular basis can help enhance your fitness and your energy. This sport is also a proven fat-burning activity.


This is a highly efficient way of burning calories, in case you’re visiting a cold location. If your weight is 155 pounds, you can actually burn between 600 calories for one hour while you’re doing cross-country skiing. You can similarly burn more than 500 calories per hour on ice rink.

These 5 sports for weight loss are guaranteed to help you lose weight and achieve an ideally shaped body you have been long dreaming of. 

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  1. Swimming is the number one good sport for health and body it will help you :

    -keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body.
    -builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.
    -helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs.
    -tones muscles and builds strength.

    Thanks for sharing !

    see my article about these sports too and how it can help your health : 5 Sport will make your body looks amazing