How to lose thigh fat

How to lose thigh fat

What is thigh fat ?

What is thigh fat? A thigh fat is a fat that accumulates on people who have a pear-shaped body. The fats that are stored in this area are somehow not as dangerous as the fats usually found around the mid-section of the body. But still, they need to be completely burnt.

How to burn Thigh Fat?

Almost every woman would want to know the ways on how to burn thigh fat. If you struggle of burning your thigh fats, there are several ways that can be considered for this matter. It will take patience, dedication and determination in order to achieve the desired results. In the end, you will realize that all your hard work had paid off. 

Burn Thigh Fat exercises and Tips

It is a good thing that there are several burn thigh fat exercises and tips that you may consider. When you feel like you are ready to do more, you can complete your workout and be more consistent with your thigh fat exercises and tips.

Alphabet Tracers

In this form of exercise, it is necessary to lie on your back with your arms on your sides. Start by pointing with the left foot and reaching out your toes up to the ceiling. Begin tracing the alphabet above the ceiling with all your toes. And then, move your entire legs but keep the hips still. Never lift your left hip right off the floor.

Continue the method of tracing the alphabet until you have traced the letter Z. In addition to that, you may do the lower case or upper case letters, in a cursive or print way. It will never ever matter. When you are finished with it, you can switch on your legs and you can repeat the alphabet to be able to complete the set. You may as well take your break if you want to!

Curtsy Lounge

You must make an effort to stand with shoulder and feet wide apart. You also need to inhale and you need to take the left leg just across and back of your right leg. Make it sure that your kneed will not extend right through your toes. You may as well exhale when you return to the very first position. You may also repeat the very same motion right through the opposite side. In addition to that, you can cross your right leg at the back and also behind the left leg. You could repeat the process until you have felt the burn. When you already have felt the burn, do it for five consecutive times.

Pulsing Leg Lifts

You should lie on your back if you want to do the pulsing leg lifts. Then, it will continue from the side or the outer or inner thighs and from a standing position or table top position. Allow your legs to be pulled up and then down with flexed or pointed toes. You could just do exactly a lot of it until then that you have felt the burn. And then, begin with counting 1 to 10 or even up to 30. You can do a lot of it while you maintain your proper form. You may as well do the same number of repetitions with your legs and for you to be able to complete the set.

Now, you have finally learned more about the exercises and tips on how to burn thigh fat!

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