Take a Squat

Take a Squat

Squats are terrific for weight loss. Squats are an easy exercise that can be done just about anywhere and are fabulous for tightening up the inner thighs. Take a squat and find your way to weight loss happiness!

Start Small

When you are just starting out on your workout and weight loss adventure, you can start small. Begin by just doing a few squats at a time every day. Over time, you can increase the amount of squats you do.

Squats can be performed quickly and just about anywhere. Stand at your kitchen or bathroom counter and squat. Maybe you feel like watching television. Take a break from sitting. Stand up, place your hand on the back of the couch, and start squatting.

Different Forms of Squats

One of the benefits of doing squats is that there are many different forms, but they all benefit weight loss. The first type of squat is the traditional one that is often performed in the weight room. The second form is known as a plié in dance. The third is a variation usually done by preschoolers known as the duck walk.

•Traditional squats help tighten up inner thighs as well as core body muscles which all promote weight loss. Traditional squats can be done with or without weights to achieve positive results.

•In ballet, dancers use a plié type of squat to build inner thigh muscles. Find a ballet bar, back of a chair, countertop, or couch to throw out a plié or two. Dance moves like these are a great way to lose weight.

•Preschoolers and young children love to duck walk, so why not try it? If you have little ones get them quacking around the house or at the park. In no time your thighs will be burning. (Granted, if you don’t have kids you might not want to try this in public.)

Squats Feed Your Muscles

One way to achieve weight loss results is to build muscle. By building muscle, you are tightening flabby skin. When you do squats you are using the largest muscle in your body: your quadriceps. As you work out the largest muscle in your frame, hormones are released to feed other parts of your body that you work out building lean muscle mass. If you want to add a little variety to your workout, take a squat for terrific weight loss results!
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