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Dairy Deals for Dieting

Dairy Deals for Dieting

When you are striving to trim down, it is critical to eat a balanced variety of food, including 2-3 servings of dairy products per day. The Food Pyramid recommended is that all adults, who are not lactose intolerant, should consume that amount in order to remain healthy and get the nutrients they need. However, dairy can wreak havoc with your diet, because it can be calorie-laden. Knowing the right choices to make can make all the difference.

Beverage Options Make Getting Dairy in Easy

Fitting dairy into your diet is very easy when you drink your dairy products. Luckily there are lots of great low fat and low calorie ways to get that dairy intake. Smoothies that are fat-free milk or yogurt based are an excellent dairy source. Just a plain glass of milk is also a good choice. There are a variety of milk based beverage recipes out there to liven up your drinking options too, such as light eggnog, shakes and light hot chocolate.

Dairy Snacks Help You With Portion Control

Grab a cheese stick for a portion controlled snack. In fact there are lots of portion controlled dairy snacks like individual serving yogurts, milk, cottage cheese and more. Just bear in mind that not every container is a single serving. Read the label before you indulge to be sure.
Sweet Dairy Treats

There are numerous dairy treats that will appease your sweet tooth while you get the dairy you need. Ice cream is not one of these. Flavored yogurts are a great sweet treat that you can opt for. Fat free Greek yogurt is the best choice for you and flavoring it yourself using fresh fruit is the preferred way to go.

There are prepared yogurts on the market that are very good choices also.
Frozen yogurt is a great way to get in an ice cream-like dairy treat that doesn’t have the fat and calories of ice cream. Light cottage cheese mixed with pineapple and some artificial sweetener is another healthy snack option that satisfies your sweet tooth.

Incorporate a variety of sensible dairy options into your diet in order to achieve a balanced diet and to keep you from diet boredom. Get the protein and nutrients you need to lose weight the right way by keeping dairy in your diet.

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