How Variety Leads To Diet Success

How Variety Leads To Diet Success

It’s said that variety is the spice of life but variety is also a key to success when it comes to dropping excess weight. By making sure you do not get stuck in a diet or exercise rut, you will have a better chance of sticking to any weight loss plan you put in place.

Change The Diet You Don’t Like

If you don’t like your diet, change it. There are lots of diet plans out there that you can follow. If you absolutely hate the one you are on, do a little research and find one that is more realistic for you. If you are struggling to find one you like, simply go with a limited calorie diet, like 1200 calories per day and incorporate foods that won’t make you feel deprived.

And if 1200 calories per day is unrealistic, find a calorie amount that you can live with. Even shaving 200 daily calories is a way to start losing weight. Just be sure to track those calories and include all the food groups from the food pyramid.

Vary the Food You Eat

By adding variety to the things you eat, you will find that you are less bored and more inclined to remain dedicated to your diet.
Even if what you are doing works, it just makes sense to add a little variety to your diet to help you feel less deprived.
Seek out new foods to try, especially fruits and vegetables. Attempt a new recipe every week or so.

Vary the Exercise You Do

If you don’t like the exercise you are doing, change it. Not only will you get bored doing the same thing over and over, it will also lose its effectiveness. Your muscles need to be challenged. Even if you love the exercise you do, intensify the activity with added weight or speed and throw in something new to your routine to get the maximum results possible.

Ruts are Inevitable

Everyone faces a dieting rut from time to time. If you think that’s where you are right now, you probably are. Understanding why weight loss ruts happen to everyone will help you get on the right track back to success. Age, inactivity and simply getting comfortable in your habits lead you to get into ruts that are hard to get out of.

In addition to increasing the variety in your diet and exercise plan, it is important to set measurable goals to keep yourself from discouragement and getting stuck in a rut. By doing so, you will be on track to a slender new you!

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