Japanese Food and Weight Loss

Japanese Food and Weight Loss

Japanese cuisine has become more and more popular but, like practically all cuisine, it can be a diet blessing or curse. However, knowing what your best options are can help you make the right choice.

Healthy Eating at a Japanese Steak House

When you choose to eat out at a Japanese steak house, you will need to be concerned with mostly three things: how your food is cooked, the sauces you add and portion size. Yet, luckily, there are excellent choices to be had at such restaurants.

Start with the broth based soup. It is always a low calorie choice. 

You will often be offered fried toppings for your soup. Forego them. The other starter at such restaurants is often salad with either a ginger or mayonnaise based dressing. To minimize fat and calories, ask for the dressing on the side and dip your fork in it.
When it comes to appetizers, be sure to avoid anything that is fried. Tempura is one of those choices to avoid. A much better selection is edamame.

For the main course of your meal, plain rice is a better choice than fried rice. Even better, you can ask about substituting rice with more vegetables. When it comes to the cooking of your meal, be sure to speak up. Ask your cook to prepare your vegetables and meat with as little oil as possible and no added butter. This will save you unnecessary calories.

When it comes time to dive into your tasty order, begin by asking for a to-go box and immediately put half your food into it. Japanese restaurants are notorious for large portions and this will help you greatly with portion control. The other tip that will help you save lots of calories is to just say no to the ginger dipping sauce and the mayonnaise based shrimp sauce.

Sushi Selections

Sushi can be another great choice for the dieter. However, you will want to choose your rolls carefully. California rolls, vegetable rolls, shrimp rolls and salmon cucumber rolls are excellent choices. Rolls with avocado in them are healthy choices but the fat and calorie count is much higher than with other rolls. Avoid sushi with the word crunchy in the name or anything containing tempura.
An even better choice than sushi is sashimi.

Japanese Recipes at Home

If you choose to cook Japanese cuisine at home, you will find lots of low-calorie, nutritious meals that are perfect for weight loss. Filled with vegetables and lean protein, Japanese dishes that you cook can be an excellent way to keep from diet boredom. Take the time to familiarize yourself with some of the basics of the Japanese pantry.

For the dieter looking to lose weight, knowing the best ways to save calories while enjoying your favorite foods is the key to success. You can enjoy Japanese food while dropping weight too!

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