Hungry Girl Diet Reviews

 Hungry Girl Diet Reviews

My dad, who has tried every diet in the book, thought he’d have a fun time using the Hungry Girl Diet. He likes the easy ones, and he is the average human being. He tried the Atkins diet, because he thought he liked steak and he thought he liked all protein, until that was the only thing he could eat. When he discovered that this did not include a lot of his favorite sugar covered meats, pizza, tacos, etc., he gave up and threw it out the window.

He tried a bunch of prepackaged diets, which are a lot like the Hungry Girl Diet, promising that you can eat the foods that you love and still lose weight because it doesn’t get any easier, and once he discovered those diets tasted like cardboard, those went out the window. And he didn’t like the fact that he couldn’t go out to eat. Then he tried the HCG diet because it told him he could lose 1 pound per day. Once he realized it was a 500 calorie diet and after he spent about $600, that went out the window. So he has a history of fad diets, yo-yo dieting, and failure.

Why I Thought It Would Work

I definitely found it funny that he chose the Hungry Girl Diet considering the name. But I looked at a few recipes after he started using it, and I saw a lot of fruits and vegetables. To be honest, he as a dieter didn’t even notice.

And I thought, it might work, because at one time, he used to say I want this meal at least once a week whenever he really liked something. I was sure he could find at least 7 recipes to have “at least once a week.” It did occur to me that he would complain about not being able to go out. But if the meals were good enough, it could work for him. I would never personally be able to stand it.

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Why It Didn’t Work Out

First, he likes going out to dinner, and we all found out very quickly that he couldn’t handle the restrictions. When we went out to eat, he had no idea what to choose, and he ordered a lot of the unhealthier options. He got sick of even the few recipes that he liked within weeks, and he complained about how most of the recipes just didn’t taste right.


The Hungry Girl Diet is not complicated. In fact, it’s one of the simplest diets to follow if you feel like eating a few things all the time, not all of which you will necessarily like. It fits into your lifestyle if you never go out with friends or family members or you never go on vacation. But for those of us who live in the real world, Hungry Girl Diet is not as great as you may think.

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