Magic of Foods That Promote Weight Loss

Magic of Foods That Promote Weight Loss

Magic of Foods That Promote Weight Loss!

If the concept of eating to lose weight is alien to you, then you’ve probably not done all your home-work on weight loss. Somehow people tend to imagine that weight-loss and reducing the quantity of food you eat go hand in hand – this is true, yes. However, there are those magic foods that promote weight loss by way of burning more fat, accelerating your metabolism or suppressing your appetite.

And it’s not something that might make your taste buds go on strike either! So while you’re focused on burning a set amount of calories every day on the treadmill or at a session of dance aerobics, make sure you stock your fridge with these foods to snack on as well just to hasten the process.

Of course, it’s a given that while you stock your fridge with foods that promote weight loss, you go to all extremes to avoid foods that shoot up your cholesterol level, make you hungrier or simply find a permanent resting place on your hips and refuse to leave. So at least for a brief season, bid good bye to those tubs of ice cream, take-away pizzas, alcohol and cheesy appetizers. Once you’ve had some results with weight loss, you may always give yourself a treat once a week. But until then, just focus on exercise and the foods that promote weight loss and you’ll be well on your way to fitting snugly into your old jeans once again!

Here’s the list of foods that promote weight loss

1) Oatmeal – You’ve probably heard it several times already but the benefits of consuming a high fiber breakfast cannot be emphasized enough. Oatmeal is not only the best way to ensure you never have bowel movement problems, but it also works magic in bringing down bad cholesterol levels! And finally, coming to weight loss, oatmeal is known to have a very high satiety quotient – which means you get full with little and is the ideal way to begin your day. It ensures you get enough energy, fibers and nutrients and also promotes weight loss!

2) Eggs – If you have a strict exercise regimen that includes both cardio  and strength training – and you should have, if you want to lose weight – eggs are extremely beneficial for building muscle mass. You may have heard that the white of the eggs is very good but the whole egg itself has a lot of protein essential for development of muscle mass and will not make you pile on the pounds if you’re working out. In fact, eggs are a considered one of the foods that promote weight loss because they are appetite suppressants and also help you build muscle.

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3) Apples -  Here they are again! We’ve all heard about the health benefits of apples since we were in the fourth grade. And yes, they don’t taste as heavenly as a slab of Black Forest, but apples are your best bet when it comes to snacking during a weight loss regime. Packed with at least 4-5 grams of fiber and antioxidants that prevent metabolic syndrome,  apples are right there on top of the list of foods that promote weight loss.

4) Wild Salmon – This is another food that indirectly promotes weight loss. It basically improves your sensitivity to insulin – thereby helping you to build muscle which in turn helps you to burn fat. So go on and enjoy that salmon, but make sure to keep the recipe simple so that you don’t make up for any weight lost!

5) Nuts – It’s true that nuts are associated with high calories, but it’s a myth you should not eat them when trying to lose weight. They are also a great source of proteins, fibers, healthy fats and minerals, and it’s a proven fact that diets that include nuts are far more successful than those that don’t.2 You may want to focus on almonds and walnuts as they contain Alpha-Linolenic Acid – which helps the breakdown of fat. So include no more than a fistful of nuts every day – in any case they are a great alternative to biscuits and other oily savories!

6) Broccoli – Calcium rich foods such as broccoli and cabbage aid weight loss by quickly breaking down fat in the fat cells. This makes them just as good as any other food that promotes weight loss! If you’re not a fan of broccoli, try looking up recipes that make it more palatable. There are quite a few out there and it just might ensure you get yourself a weight-loss aiding food that you actually enjoy!

7) Garlic and Pepper – Garlic and garlic oil are great foods that promote weight loss as they help reduce fatty deposits while hot pepper accelerates metabolism  – thereby helping burn fat rather quickly!

8) Water - And of course, last but not the least, water should be a given with any diet let alone one that consists of foods that promote weight loss. Our bodies are made up of 70% water which needs replenishing regularly. What’s more, water gives you a feeling of fullness and keeps you from emotional eating – thereby preventing you from habitual eating out of boredom and restlessness.  The more water you drink, the more toxins get flushed out of your system and you get used to eating only when you are really hungry.  You should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.3

Once you’ve stocked your fridge with these wonderful foods that promote weight loss, make sure you don’t leave them there to rot. Pack your lunch boxes with them, take them along when you go out for the evening – so you have something to munch on should you feel the need – make sure to re-stock them once they’re used and before you know it, you’ll get into the habit of eating foods that promote weight loss. This way, even after you’ve reached your desired weight, you may easily maintain it by ensuring these miracle foods are a part of your daily diet always!

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