Egg diet results

Egg diet results

"Obesity is About Willpower, Not Biology..." That's why dieting and exercising help lose weight naturally and healthy!


Today you are about to know what is the egg diet, how it works and results of the egg diet ?

Well, When you are trying a diet you MUST see the weighing scale goes up and down sometimes, that means not every DIET works 100% because of different metabolism of each of us.

We are Going to some result of the egg diet, Which is now one of the best effective diets on the internet, And this diet depends on boiled egg. WHY boiled eggs? keep reading...

The simplest way to lose weight is to reduce your daily calorie intake. One large egg contains only about 78 calories, yet is very high in nutrients. Egg yolks are especially nutritious. A meal consisting of 3 boiled eggs and vegetables contains only about 300 calories.

Let's dive into live result We bring them from our Facebook group members who are following the egg diet :

Egg diet results

Princess Egg diet Result

This Princess Love the EGG DIET, And the result is 17.8 lbs in just two weeks.

The egg diet is a low carb diet which is related to the Atkins diet where the main goal is to restrict your carbohydrate intake. On this diet, you can have an unlimited amount of protein and fat but your carbohydrates must be controlled. Eggs are much less expensive than meat and can be used in unlimited quantities while on the egg diet.

Egg diet results

This Egg diet Result is AMAZING

You know.. HAPPINESS is watching yourself losing weight! 
Well, everyone had different starts, you may lose 3,4,5 Lbs lbs in the first week, and some can lose 6,7 lbs in the first week.

It's always hard at the first week, but it worth it.

Egg diet results

Awesome Clare Egg diet Result

Clare lost about 25lbs following the vegetarian egg diet.
She is feeling great that she lost all that weight and she will back again strong to lose more.

With the huge benefits that Egg Diet 28 Day for Vegetarians offers, you are assured a healthier, sexier and slimmer body. So, what else are you waiting for? If you really want to transform your body to be healthy and free from excess pounds, Start  Egg Diet 28 Day for Vegetarians today!

Egg diet results

Awesome Egg diet Result with Shekira 

22lbs is what Shekira Dropped after following the egg diet!, And what you gonna notice From All those previous result, They want to repeat the diet again. 

And that's a good sign that the egg diet is great and nice to follow, you may find it little bit hard, but it really really worth it.

Bonus : Some Facts about Eggs in Your Diet

In recent years, anti-egg crowds have deemed the egg as an unhealthy diet food because eggs are high in cholesterol, however eating eggs doesn’t raise your bad cholesterol the way eating fatty food does.

The egg diet can help to lower your cholesterol as well as fat. Some facts about the egg diet The egg diet is an exceptionally low carbohydrate diet, but eggs protect you from fat. Carbohydrates work as a fuel to fat cells, but as eggs contain such low levels of carbohydrates, you don’t eat anything which provides you fat and hence, it assists in keeping your cholesterol level lower.

Finally I want to say that if you stick real good with the egg diet you will surely get the best result, Now you learned about the egg diet results.

Now! Which egg diet you gonna follow ? The 28 day egg diet ? or The veggie egg diet ? or boiled egg diet for 14 days ?

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