How did Rebel Wilson lost 77 pounds (Her Eating Habits Now!)


Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson

How did Rebel Wilson lost 77 pounds (Her Eating Habits Now!)

"Starting the New Year on a high note! HAPPY NEW YEAR, you legends, with love from Australia! "As Wilson rang in 2022 in Australia, she captioned a beautiful holiday snapshot of herself on Instagram.  

Although Rebel Wilson's "Year of Health" officially ended on December 31, 2020, it appears that it's time for her to go she's going on #3 in her "Years of Health."

Wilson claims in a December 6, 2021 interview with BBC World Service that she opted to declare 2020 her "Year of Health" on Instagram because she "did want to make a lasting change and I wanted to be accountable for it." Making it extremely public helped, although it was risky, I suppose."Before, I had lost weight and gained it back, and you get chastised for that." 

Wilson couldn't believe how straightforward the doctor's counsel was."It just made me think, OK, I should ease up on myself and just do it gently and lightly."So, in 2020, I began to lose weight gradually.With some workouts, I cranked it up a level and went hard. However, the majority of the work for the year consisted of simple tasks such as walking for an hour." 

While we've all seen the physical alteration, Wilson claims that the most significant changes occurred inwardly. Wilson had enjoyed the "Year of Fun" and the "Year of Love," in the past, and she enters 2020 determined to make it the "Year of Health." She had made the decision to prioritise herself and her well-being over work, citing her 40th birthday this year as encouragement. 

Wilson acknowledges on the Live, as she reveals what she's learned along the way, "I'm not a doctor or a nurse... I can only speak from my own personal experience and offer some advice. There is no one book, product, or thing that you can buy; you can only learn snippets about what works for you." 

Rebel Wilson Weight loss And healthy Lifestyle

-Take care of yourself.

"I'm a very confident, skilled, accomplished person," she adds on Live, "but I still suffer from low self worth and just not loving myself."Wilson stated that purging emotional writing was quite beneficial. She sets a timer for 12 minutes, then writes down all of her emotions so they aren't suppressed—then she concludes with one to five things she's glad for that day. 
During her reflections, she concluded that the number on the scale has nothing to do with it. Wilson tells the BBC, "I'm glad that the message came over that it wasn't just about reducing weight, but about becoming healthy in general. That's what I'm trying to inspire others to do...that should be the aim, not fitting some sort of beauty standard that society decides to be the beauty standard of the year."  

-Be honest with yourself.

Wilson penned a letter to herself at the start of 2020 to make her commitment to her health feel more tangible.

-Determine your "why."

Wilson's "why" was to get healthy before saving her eggs in order to have children later in life. (Wilson was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome in her twenties.) It was also about feeling better and overcoming her emotional eating—all while remaining loyal to herself. 

-Consider meditating.

Wilson uses a meditation app to "come back into her body," when she is anxious, she adds in a Live.

"Get out there, guys, and walk, walk, walk. Drink water, learn about the finest foods to feed your body, and if you're like me and struggle from emotional eating, look into it and how you can help yourself "Wilson comes to a close in the Instagram video. Wise advice from a woman who is now known as "Fit Amy."

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